First, the pleasantries. “Welcome! We’re glad you stopped by.”


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Let’s get the formal stuff out of the way. We are a Midwest demo staffing agency specializing  in wellness products. Book professional, reliable, energetic promo models for your next event. Based in Minnesota, we represent natural and organic brands at stores and events throughout the entire Midwest region.

Now staffing brand ambassadors in Minnesota (Twin Cities area), Wisconsin (Madison & Milwaukee), Illinois (Chicago area), Indiana (Indianapolis), Missouri (St. Louis), Nebraska (Omaha and Lincoln), Iowa (Des Moines) and throughout Michigan (Ann Arbor and Detroit).

Need nationwide execution? No problem! Reach out for information to partner with us and our national network of in-store wellness educators.

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Meet (some of) the B.E. Natural Brand Team:

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As you go, we’d like to leave you with some wise words from these natural-loving folks…


“Thanks for doing an awesome job with our brands. Your passion and positive vibes really shine through.” Jeremy – Regional Wellness Product Sales Representative
“I am so thrilled that you started your company. It was so needed, and everyone I’ve met doing demos for you is just great!” Susan – Regional Natural Product Grocery Sales Broker
“You are the best. It is so refreshing to have this reliable group of women in the Mineral Fusion corner. :-)” Abigail – Mineral Fusion Regional Team Coordinator
“You are the best!” Elizabeth – Store Wellness Department Manager
“PS: You are the best company I’ve worked for by a long shot!” Jackie – Promo Rockstar